Ajax Trading Game Simulation


This application simulates a FX trading terminal using AJAX technology. The simulation runs for 15 min. with all updates coming from a remote server. In a real-world simulation only the trade requests would be handled with AJAX; the update processing would be better implemented in COMET technology.

Explanation of Trading Panel

trading panel image

  1. Incoming Calls
    Don't let anyone interrupt you!
  2. Market Quote / Best Quote
    This is the price from at which you buy or sell.
    For simplicity, the market quote is always the best quote.
  3. Quantity
    Display of the available quantity (in Mill) for sell/buy on the market.
  4. Last Price
    Price of last trade on the market with up/down indicator
  5. Trading Log
    (Latest entry is always on top: reverse scroll)
    Log of amounts, price trading partner per transaction.
  6. News Headlines
    (Lastest news headline is always on top: reverse scroll)
    Pay close attention to the news headlines as events affect the market. Important ones are outlined in red.
  7. Sell and Buy buttons
    You can buy or sell in blocks of 1 or 5 Million only. You can only buy or sell if there is an equivalent block on the market (see [2])
    Your position [7] can not exceed 50 Mill in either direction.
    "Yours" is selling (left side of quote [1]; left side of quantity [2])
    "Mine" is buying (right side of quote [1]; right side of quantity [2])
  8. Position
    Your current position which is not allowed to exceed 50 Mill.
    The background will be green for a long position and red for a short position.
  9. P & L
    Indicates your Profit and Loss
    The background will be green for a profit and red for a loss.
  10. Time Left
    Time left for trading